12 Interesting Facts About Cannabis

When it comes to cannabis, it seems like there is more information being revealed every day. As of today, over 50 percent of the United States have legalized medicinal marijuana. Thirty-five states are now allowing its use for medicinal purposes. Of course there are also Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Alaska that are also seeing the positive results of the cannabis plant.

Many of these information are coming from medical professionals who have found new and wonderful uses for cannabis. With all of these new facts out in the open, there are now also those opposing cannabis reform as well.

The main reason that so many people are against reform is because the medical marijuana advocates do not want to admit that they were wrong or accept that cannabis has helped others. Most of the opposition lack the knowledge to grasp the positive aspects that cannabis can bring and are unwilling to open up their minds to the medicinal benefits. Listed below are about Marijuana fun facts.

  1. A growing number of parents are starting to support it. With all of the scientific data on cannabis, people are coming to understand that it is actually a very safe alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. There is also the growing number of studies showing that the use of cannabis does not lead to negative side effects or addiction.
  2. Cannabis does not cause a high. It can produce a feeling of euphoria and calmness feeling smoking.
  3. Another popular belief is that cannabis is extremely addictive, and the user has to keep on using it to maintain his or her sense of well-being. However, that is just not the case. There are no physical signs of withdrawal from cannabis.
  4. Marijuana comes with some known health benefits. Many doctors and scientists are now realizing that it can help reduce symptoms like depression and anxiety.
  5. It is also believed that smoking cannabis can reduce the severity of certain cancers and is an effective treatment for some mental illnesses such as Alzheimer’s disease. If you are taking certain medications that cause drowsiness, or you have trouble falling asleep, then consider using cannabis as a supplement. It may be able to help. There are also reports that marijuana helps reduce the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease.
  6. Marijuana can be smoked or taken as an edible. The choice depends on your preference and the severity of your symptoms.
  7. Marijuana has been around since the 1970s but has only recently become legal. Marijuana users will have to be careful when trying to get the plant from stores and dealers, and also be aware that the drug is illegal to use for non-medical purposes. You will need to ask the dealer about their particular laws.
  8. People who use marijuana frequently are also more likely to suffer from other mental illnesses such as schizophrenia. Marijuana can cause you to lose concentration. This will also cause your brain to function in a disorganized fashion. If your brain becomes disconnected, you could easily have problems with thinking logically or remembering things.
  9. Pot can also affect your ability to drive a car. There are studies that show that marijuana can impair your ability to make decisions. It also interferes with your memory. This can make it harder for you to remember important information and can prevent you from focusing on driving in certain situations.
  10. Marijuana is also believed to have a negative effect on the immune system. If you smoke marijuana regularly, then you are at a higher risk of developing certain types of cancer. This is why it’s important for anyone to stay away from smoking marijuana if they are concerned about their health. It can also affect your body’s natural defenses.
  11. Marijuana can also have an effect on your sex life. It can make it harder to become aroused during sex, which could cause a lack of pleasure for both partners. If you smoke pot, then it could also affect your chances of having erections.
  12. The smell of pot has also been shown to cause a host of health problems, including headaches. For this reason, it should not be smoked around those with severe allergies. Many people who smoke marijuana often complain of bad breath.

For the most part, people who smoke recreational marijuana find that it makes them feel a bit better. There are some reports that marijuana can be addictive. However, there are so many different ways to enjoy the marijuana experience without getting into addiction. In fact, it seems that the only person who gets addicted to marijuana is the dealer.