How to Make Cannabis Butter

Cannabis Butter

Can you smell the aroma of cannabis while baking? If you are one of those who love to bake, then this article will give you some tips on how to make cannabis butter. Cannabis butter is sometimes called cannabutter or cannabis-infused regular butter. You must cook it at a low temperature and for a prolonged period. To make cannabis butter properly, you should also cook it at medium-high heat.

To make this type of butter, all you have to do is to use three hours at a low temperature and stir the mixture constantly. After three hours, remove the mixture from the pan and place it in a bowl. Let it rest for three days to give room for the mixture to rest. When it is ready, you can use an electric mixer or blender to puree the cannabis into butter.

Put the butter in your blender. At low speed and blend until the butter is smooth and spreadable. If you want, you can add some liquid if needed. In the meantime, let your cannabutter cool down. Once the Cannabutter has cooled down completely, cut it into pieces and serve. This recipe usually tastes good if served chilled.

The best way to make butter is by cooking the cannabis buds in high heat. However, this method requires a lot of work and needs more preparation. However, it is much easier to make than the resin-infused methods. There are two methods in making cannabis butter; one is making the butter by smoking the cannabis buds and the other is making the butter by steeping the buds in alcohol for about five minutes.

You can also make a recipe for brownies that you can bake as a dessert. Since Cannabutter has a lot of calories, it is better to avoid desserts. However, if you want to try this recipe, then cook enough cannabutter for each serving size of cannabutter brownies to be used in the recipe. If you cannot handle the smell of the mixture, you can just use unscented lip balm or mints to cover the taste of the brownie.

Cannabutter can be baked in a 9-inch square pan or a rectangular pan with a raised lip surrounding it. You can bake it up until crispy and crisp. Alternatively, you can use a hand grinder. In either case, just remember to place the cannabutter in the preheated oven and wait until it is ready.