Marijuana Stages of Growth

Marijuana Stages of Growth

The seedling and germination stages of marijuana growth are arguably some of its most exciting stages. It’s during the seedling and germination stage that marijuana plants begin to look and feel their best. It’s also a critical time to not overwater or over water during this stage. Also, it’s the time when new life is starting to form as the plant roots develop and start to grow.

The seedling and germination stage of marijuana is one of its most vulnerable stages. It’s when the plant body is growing its base axis, or horizontal roots, that water is not able to reach the actual seed. That’s where the survival rate becomes crucial. The higher the water levels, the lower the likelihood of survival.

During the first two weeks, the pot plant will be undergoing what’s called seedling development. It’s during this stage that the main structure of the plant remains largely intact. The only internal structure of the plant is the one-celled succulent that forms the actual seed. By this time the main tuber roots are already developing and have started forming in the veins that will later carry the plant to its later stages. By this time the plants’ true colors become apparent. They are now starting to sprout leaves.

After the initial two weeks of dormancy have passed and the seedling has grown to just about a half-inch in height, it’s now time to move onto the second and third stages of marijuana growth, the vegetative and perennial stages. Here the plants are undergoing changes that will one day determine whether or not they will grow and produce for a living person. The second and third week of vegetative development is the period in which the marijuana plant is constantly being fed. It needs food for energy and nutrients to grow. During this phase, it’s also very important that the gardener make sure to regularly water the plant.

When the seedling reaches this point in its development the plants grow larger and heavier, the leaves expand in number and the growth tips appear. This is a stage that is highly recommended for novices to start growing marijuana. The marijuana plant starts as a small seedling, but over the next two weeks, the small seedling transforms into a much larger and bushy little plant.

By now the growing tip of the plant has reached its true size, and now it’s time for the next stage in the marijuana growing process – germination. Germination happens when the growing tips of the plants reach the opening of the Seed Pod. At this point, the sprouts start growing. This stage of growth is called “air pockets” and is the reason why the seeds look tiny at this point in their development.

After the completion of these two important stages, the marijuana grower should be able to see a few little black dots on the leaves. These are called Stem Cells. Stem cells don’t grow by themselves, they form from pollen and seeds that are already in the plant. Once the Stem Cells have sprouted and are in the form of actual leaves, it is now time to finish the vegetative stage. At this point, the plant is not yet flowering, but it is still possible to harvest some of its beautiful flowers. The best way to do this is to separate the vegetative stage from the germination one.

Many marijuana growers prefer to produce female plants instead of male plants. Female plants are easier to nurture because they are much easier to control and grow in a controlled environment. Female plants also grow faster and give out more blooms during their flowering season. Many growers make the mistake of trying to make a hybrid between a male and a female plant and this can be very difficult to do as it is not guaranteed that the resulting plant will produce a true crop of buds.