Thai Researchers Label Cannabis a Cancer Fighter

Thai Researchers Label Cannabis a Cancer Fighter

Thai Researchers Labeled the herb cannabis as a potential cancer fighter. The report claimed that although there is no solid proof to back up such claims yet, they could only theorize at this time. However, a leading Thai government minister has said that there has been enough evidence gathered to link the two together. Many in Thailand are on the fence about this particular claim and rightfully so. With an abundance of other problems on the plate for their country right now, it is no wonder that they are skeptical about whether or not cannabis can fight cancer.

There have been many different claims made in regards to the effectiveness of cannabis on cancer. This is a particularly bold claim in that no medication currently exists that can fight cancer directly from the source. Unfortunately, the reality is that cancer comes from several different factors. Some scientists have theorized that cancer comes from too much oxygen in the blood, while others blame it on too much glucose in the blood. No matter what the cause, the fact remains that too much glucose or too much oxygen in the blood are both factors that cause cancer.

In addition to these potential causes, there is also the issue of genetics. Some people have inherited certain traits from their parents. For example, there are families where the mothers are exposed to certain pesticides in the environment or are involved in labor unions where pesticides are used. These women are more likely to produce offspring who are exposed to these toxins than those who don’t. For those who do not have such hereditary tendencies, the effects of environmental toxins and carcinogens can be much more potent. Therefore, the argument that cannabis can help to fight cancer by reducing exposure to toxins and carcinogens is certainly reasonable.

Still, there are some very strong arguments to be made in favor of using cannabis to fight cancer. First, there is the fact that it has been found that cannabis has many distinct healing qualities. It has been shown to reduce pain, nausea, spasms, depression, anxiety, and more. Furthermore, it may even fight cancer itself! This was proven in a study conducted by the University of British Columbia which showed that there is a significant reduction in the growth of leukemia in the children of mothers who used cannabis during pregnancy. Furthermore, many different types of cancers are often associated with multiple causes so it stands to reason that perhaps there are other mechanisms at work as well.

Second, although this study directly refers to cannabis and the use it as a cancer preventer, it is important to remember that some many different herbs and plants have also been shown to have similar effects. For example, the herb St John’s Wort can help someone who is going through chemotherapy fight cancer and many natural supplements contain this herb that has shown excellent results when used as a cancer-fighting agent. Another natural substance called Spirulina has also been found to be highly effective at helping to fight cancerous tumors. Some many other herbs and plants have been linked to fighting cancer and one of these is Breast Actives. Breast Actives is a completely all-natural supplement that is taken in combination with a handful of other very beneficial herbs to increase the body’s supply of nutrients to breast tissue and the rest of the body.

By now, you must realize that there are many strong reasons why Thai researchers have labeled cannabis a Cancer fighter. In short, this particular type of weed has been found to fight cancer by reducing the risk of contracting the disease. When consumed regularly, cannabis can also reduce the chances of a person getting cancer in the first place, since it contains many powerful cancer-fighting nutrients.